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Hey guys, Manuel here from Tykato Fitness. Welcome to my middle splits routine. Like i promised i will show you how i got from very inflexible to quite flexible in the middle splits today. Before we start i want to give credit where credit is due. I’ve learned some of these exercises from the GMB Focused Flexibility program. I have linked it in the description. I advise you to buy it. It’s really great for a full body self-assessment for flexibility. Check it out and let’s start with the middle splits routine. It’s a follow-along routine. You can skip this introduction and i’ll put the time codes in the description if you want to go to a specific exercise. Yeah. So, let’s start right now. We start all practice with the horse stance. So stand up straight, get your body in a straight line and now you take five steps. Start with your heels. One, two, three, four, five. You’re about double shoulderwidth apart with your feet and they are straight and parallel to each other – and now you go down – and you go as much down as you can.

If you can just go to here, you go to here. Try to go really deep into the stretch, and then you just stay here for half a minute. Okay? You can also balance yourself a little bit with your hands if you need to. You don’t have to. Focus on getting those knees out. So don’t cave them in but outside. Get up again. Next exercise is the hamstrings stretch. So get this leg under your bum and sit on it. If you can’t do this, put a pillow or anything to sit under your bum instead.

Okay? Extend the right leg first. You can take your hands to stabilize yourself if you need to, but it’s better if you try to stabilize yourself with a straight back. Now you do ten bumping movements again. One, two, three, four, five, and after the tenth you hold into the stretch. Ten seconds. Ten movements again – and if your feet want to rotate outside, don’t let them. Try to keep them in a straight line. Now hold twenty seconds. Try to keep a straight back.

Don’t make this. Straight. And as i said, if you need to: stabilize yourself with your hands. Ten movements again. Hold for thirty seconds. Last set. If you have tight hamstrings this is really, really great to loosen them up – this exercise. You shouldn’t feel any pain. If it’s painful: go back a little. Now pull yourself out of the exercise and switch the sides. Bumping movements. Hold for ten seconds. Bumping movements. Twenty seconds. Keep your knees straight. If your knees bend you need to go back a little.

It’s really important that your knee is straight, the leg is straight in the whole process, okay? Bumping movements again and we do the last set. Thirty seconds. And get out of the movement. Next exercise is the lunge. So one foot in front of you. The other backleg you can stand on your toes. Like this – and now you try to make this angle wider. Like so – and now you do ten bumping movements again into the stretch. Forward and backwards. You should notice this in your backleg and your frontleg. After ten movements, you try to lean forward. After ten seconds, ten bumping movements again. You can get your backleg and frontleg wider from each other if it’s too easy – and ten bumping movements again. Now you hold twenty seconds. If you don’t know what to do with your hands you can rest them on your knee for an easier variation – or you can get them up straight so you can stretch your shoulders aswell.

Ten bumping movements again. Hold for thirty seconds. You might have noticed, this is what you also train for the front splits. Now you press yourself back, out of the movement and take the other leg. Ten bumping movements again. Hold for ten seconds. Movements. Hold for twenty seconds. As you notice, i’m going a little bit deeper with each set. Last set. Show you the arm variation again. End the stretch. The next exercise is the butterfly stretch. So get your feet against each other. Try to move them as much towards your body as you can and grab them with your hands. Like this. So they don’t move into any direction. Okay? Now, you do ten movements with your knees.

Bumping movements like this. Eight, nine, ten – and then you try to stretch into the movement. Get your knees down to the ground. The movement is in the hips. Your hips rotate outside. Now you hold this for ten seconds. And then you do the ten bumping movments again. Now again: press into the stretch. Twenty seconds this time – and try to really feel it in your hips. The pressing comes from your hips. Press those legs outside. Don’t force it too much. If you have pain, you’re too deep. Go back a little and just hold this. Now for the last set: ten bumping movements again and in the last set you try to bring your knees to the ground.

If you are very advanced. You’re probably just here if you’re a beginner but that’s okay – and now you hold this for thirty seconds. Really deep stretch. With each breath, try to go deeper into the stretch. Your back is straight the whole time. So don’t slouch like this but keep your back straight. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one and you’re done.

Actively get your feet back together. Extend them. Now get down to the floor. Really relaxing. Now you grab your left leg with both hands and pull it towards your body – and straighten the right leg into the air. As much as you can. If you’re just here, that’s okay but try to pull it towards your body and now let it fall outside. As much as you possibly can. Okay? If you have pain when it’s too low, don’t go so low. As always. But if not, try to go as low as you can. Now you do ten rotations outward. Two, three, four. Nine, ten. Rotate the whole hip. Now you hold this for ten seconds. Ten rotations again – and hold it for twenty seconds. Ten rotations again. Now you hold it for thirty seconds and try to really bring your leg into this direction. As high as you can. As if you were in a split. When you’re done with this leg, pull it back to the middle.

Get it to your body and switch the sides. I’m gonna switch to front view so you can see this exercise from above, but we’ll do it with the left leg now. Grab your knee, extend this, outside. Ten rotations. Ten seconds hold. Ten rotations. Twenty seconds hold. Ten rotations – and thirty seconds hold. And back to the middle. Next stretch is the frogger stretch. So lean forward a little bit and get those feet out as much as you can. Now it’s important that your lower legs are parallel to each other. Like this and that the angle from your hip to your upper body is also in a 90° degree angle. Okay? Now don’t arch your back but go into a posterior pelvic tilt. Now you do ten movements forward and ten movements backward. Two, three – and bump into 90° degree angle. Don’t go further. After ten bumping movements, you relax into the stretch – and you should be able to get your feet little bit wider apart now. Ten movements again. Now twenty seconds stretch. Ten bumping movements. And we’ll finish with thirty seconds. If you want to, and if you’re far enough you can also rest on the floor in this stretch.

Like this. But you don’t have to. Now pull those legs together and we’re done with the frogger. Now for the last exercise: the middle splits themself. Start in a position where you are comfortable. For example like this. Okay? So where you notice a light stretch but not one that is uncomfortable or one that is challenging for you. You just stay here for thirty seconds, okay? Try to squeeze your legs together. Do not let your knees bend but keep them straight. Legs are parallel to each other. Like this. Really squeeze your butt. Do not go into an arched back, but stay strong and stable. You can do this routine every other day if you want to. I wouldn’t advise you to do it every day, because your muscles need rest too. Okay? I personally did it three times a week.

Now that thirty seconds are over, you go a little bit deeper into the middle splits. Where you can also already notice your muscles being stretched, but still not too uncomfortable. Again, hold this for thirty seconds. If you do this the next time, you will notice you got a little bit deeper already. Flexibility progress is measured in milimeters. Quarter of an inch. So, this takes time, okay? Don’t force it. You can already notice how your muscles are working in this, right? Now, for the last part, we’re going to do ten seconds in the really challenging flexibility for you. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and you’re done. Now try to get out of here with your own leg muscle force. So don’t do this and use your hands, okay? I mean, you can use your hands, but if you do it with your leg muscles you will train them a little bit and you will get the strength for the active flexibility that you need later on, okay? So once again: if you’re down here, try to free yourself with your legs and not by bending over.

This was my splits routine. Please share this video, please give it a thumbs up if you like this and use it. Please subscribe to my youtube channel as well, i would really appreciate if this video got some views and many people see and learn from it. Took me half a year. I started about here. I was really inflexible when i started doing this. This was in April 2016. Now we are in January 2017 and i can – well let me try my max right now – i can basically go down here. All in half a year.

So share this video, and see you guys next time! Goodbye! .

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