The Health Benefits of Jackfruit, the Buzzy Vegan Meat Substitute That ‘ s Popping Up Everywhere


( CNN) Scientists have zeroed in our genetic code to better establish why some people develop chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the Alzheimer’s-like disease associated with recurred punches to the brain. In a brand-new contemplate, investigates at Boston University’s CTE Centersay that a variant of the gene TMEM1 06 B impacted on why some people ordeal most severe forms of the disease than others.

DTAG 1 TTDTAG 2 TTDTAG 3 TTIMG 2 TTDTAG 4 TTMez said the findings, though early, are a gradation toward better understanding of the disease. “It helps us better understand biologically, mechanistically, what is going on in the brain in CTE.DTAG 5 TT”In understanding the existing mechanisms and in identifying this genetic risk factor, we have new potential targets to develop therapies, ” he said. DTAG 6 TTDTAG 7 TTDTAG 8 TTDTAG 9 TTDTAG 10 TTDTAG 11 TTDTAG 12 TT

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