AniForte BARF Vegetables & Herbs 1KG Dog Food Mix: Gluten Free Dog Food with Dog Vitamins & Minerals from Görges Naturprodukte GmbH

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Product Description

Muscleenergy are happy to offer the brilliant AniForte BARF Vegetables & Herbs 1KG Dog Food Mix: Gluten Free Dog Food with Dog Vitamins & Minerals.

With so many available recently, it is good to have a brand you can trust. The AniForte BARF Vegetables & Herbs 1KG Dog Food Mix: Gluten Free Dog Food with Dog Vitamins & Minerals is certainly that and will be a excellent acquisition.

For this price, the AniForte BARF Vegetables & Herbs 1KG Dog Food Mix: Gluten Free Dog Food with Dog Vitamins & Minerals comes highly respected and is a regular choice with lots of people. Görges Naturprodukte GmbH have included some excellent touches and this equals good value for money.

Manufacturer Description

AniForte® BARF Veggies & Herbs 1kg
Complementary feed for dogs

AniForte® BARF Veggies & Herbs is a normal dietary supplement foods for dogs with out dyes, preservatives or flavourings. The gluten-totally free composition is an perfect foods option for dogs with a gluten intolerance. Our Veggies & Herbs Assortment can also be mixed with the dog's day-to-day foods ration. It is also an perfect dietary supplement for uncooked foods diet programs! It includes wholesome components manufactured from best-good quality greens and normal herbs.

- An perfect enhance for uncooked foods diet programs
- With no colourings, preservatives and flavourings
- Also ideal for dogs with a gluten intolerance

Carrot flakes, pea flakes, lucerne pellets, herb mixture: nettle leaves, blackberry leaves, chamomile, dandelion root, milk thistle fruit

Dietary Price Analysis * (for each 100g):
Vitamin A six.45mg, Vitamin B 4.22mg, Vitamin C twenty.2mg, Vitamin E 1.5mg, Calcium 163.3mg, Phosphorus 249.9mg, Magnesium fifty.6mg
* The analysis values are topic to the typical fluctuations in normal merchandise.

Analytical constituents:
crude protein fifteen.57% crude unwanted fat 1.48% crude fibre fourteen.66% crude ash six.45%

Feeding suggestion: Blend AniForte® Barf Line Veggies & Herbs Assortment in a minor h2o or broth 10 minutes prior to feeding and blend with higher-good quality new or canned meat. We also advocate the addition of a normal vitamin-mineral mixture this kind of as AniForte Barf Complete. Every day specifications: up to fifty% of the day-to-day ration Observe: This product can also be blended with AniForte Barf Complete and with Aniforte Omega- three Salmon Oil. Shop in a amazing, dry place. Produced by Görges Naturprodukte GmbH for AniForte British isles

Product Features

FEED YOUR DOG AS NATURE INTENDED: Our 100% raw dog food is packed with wholesome ingredients that are high in essential vitamins and minerals, such as carrot flakes, pea flakes, nettle leaves, blackberry leaves, chamomile & dandelion root - helping your dog to feel and look great. The dry food can make up to 50% of your dog's food intake. GLUTEN FREE, PACKED WITH VITAMINS & MINERALS: Our selection of ingredients has been carefully picked to feed your dog with a wholesome, gluten-free diet that includes top quality vegetables and herbs. It contains Vitamins A, B, C & E, as well as calcium phosphorus and magnesium. 100% NATURAL, MANUFACTURED IN GERMANY: Most natural pet foods have "added vitamins and minerals," our research shows that there is no way to naturally add them. Warehoused in Schwalmtal Germany, we deliver premium quality products for our beloved four-legged friends. This product contains no artificial colours or preservatives. NO FUSS, JUST SUPPLEMENT WITH EXISTING DIET: this feed supplement has been designed for easy use, to be added alongside your dog's existing diet. It also comes in an easy-use resealable packet for long-term use, so do you not miss out on saving money. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Love our raw feed supplement or get your money back!

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