XTFMAX Personal Trainer: Complete Personal Training Program - 12 Workouts by X-TrainFit

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Product Description

Muscleenergy are delighted to present the famous XTFMAX Personal Trainer: Complete Personal Training Program - 12 Workouts.

With so many available right now, it is great to have a brand you can trust. The XTFMAX Personal Trainer: Complete Personal Training Program - 12 Workouts is certainly that and will be a great purchase.

For this price, the XTFMAX Personal Trainer: Complete Personal Training Program - 12 Workouts comes widely respected and is always a popular choice with many people. X-TrainFit have provided some excellent touches and this means good value.

Manufacturer Description

Permit Stephanie Oram be your Personal Trainer for the following ninety days and grow to be a fitter, much healthier and more robust edition of you. XTFMAX Personal Trainer involves 12 exercises that will help you burn up unwanted fat and construct lean muscle in the comfort of your possess home.
Also provided with the 12 demanding exercises is a completetraining guidebook, planning calendar and nourishment program. You will receive all the tools required to get in the greatest shape of your lifestyle with our hardest program however.

12 exercises:

Endurance: Higher Reps and Intensity
Back again and Biceps - Higher Entire body and Cardio Target
Cardio - Strengthen the heart in this unwanted fat burning, lengthier period work out
Chest, Shoulders and Abs - Chest, shoulders and stomach muscles
Legs Triceps and Main - Legs, triceps and core

Fat Shred: Higher Rep, Low Weight
Cardio - Higher intensity actions get that heart charge up to burn up some severe calories
Reduce Entire body - Legs and core target
Higher Entire body I - Higher human body target
Higher Entire body II - Chest, again, and arms. Mild decrease human body and stomach muscles

Energy: Low Rep, Larger Weight
Cardio - Power actions that burn up unwanted fat and bolster the heart
Energy I - Legs, chest, triceps and stomach muscles
Energy II - Abs, legs, shoulders and again
Energy III - Biceps, again, chest, legs and stomach muscles

Use the provided coaching guidebook and calendar to help program and timetable your exercises
We have also offered a comprehensive thorough meal program with recipes to help you program your personal meals and fuel your exercises
Products Essential: A gentle, medium and heavy established of dumbbells and resistance bands.

Product Features

Let Stephanie Oram be your personal trainer in XTFMAX Personal Trainer 12 workout set and exceed all your health and fitness goals These 12 intense workouts on 12 DVDs will get you great results burning fat and building lean muscle in just 35 minutes a day for 90 days Includes a complete Training Guide and Training Calendar. You can also track your workout progress with the 90 day Workout Tracker Plan Your nutritional needs with the included Meal Plan and join trainer Stephanie Oram to get in the best shape of your life

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